Pennington & Company is unique in the world of fundraising counsel because, like you, we have a passion for the life-changing experience that membership in a fraternal organization provides. Recognized as a Best Small Place to Work, our dedicated staff combines fundraising, communications, and marketing expertise with a personal commitment to the extraordinary value our clients bring to their members.

We help our clients engage alumni/ae – and keep them engaged – during and in between concentrated fundraising efforts. And when it’s time to generate funds, Pennington is there from start to finish. Through feasibility studies, case statements, strategic assessments, gift management, special communications, and our other offerings, we focus on creative solutions, a tailored action plan, and reports and consultations that help you identify, prioritize, and communicate your opportunities and objectives.


At Pennington, our values are simple – we CARE:

About Customers

We are dedicated to providing a great experience for our clients.

About Actions

We have an intense, motivating desire for what we do and how we do it.

About Results

We relentlessly achieve results and incent our people to do so.

About Each Other

We treat people with respect…always.

Why Choose Us


Recognized Leader

For over 27 years, we've been the recognized leader in Fraternity and Sorority Fundraising and Alumni Engagement. 


Fundraising Experience

We've helped over 300 chapters raise funds for capital projects.  


Engage More Alumni

Our campaigns average over 24% participation. We set the benchmark others hope to achieve. 

We Believe

We believe that the inspiration to give develops from both dreams and pragmatism, from vision and wisdom, and from a clear sense of the past and the future. We help you balance your ambition with the realities of your membership, alumni base and economic environment to create the inspiration that brings your aspirations to fruition.

We Recognize

We recognize that the highest calling of your student members is their academic and campus life, and that your alumni members and volunteers have professional, personal, and family responsibilities that must come first. So our experienced professional staff listens to your desires and absorbs your unique knowledge about the chapter’s needs and hopes.